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PPS works hard to provide a flexible and reliable set of services tailored to your exact needs. Whether you require temporary storage or complete supply chain management, PPS has the experienced personnel and secure facility to get the job done at a competitive price. 

Storage- Short & Long Term
       Temporary Pallet Storage
       Exhibit Storage
Real Time Inventory Management
       24/7 Web Based Inventory Monitoring
       Transactional Tracking
Warehousing and Distribution
Pick/Pack Services
     Palletizing/Shrink Wrap
Order Fulfillment
Trucking- Local & Long Distance
     Pier Containers
     Airline Pallets

Customer Reviews


"We have been very satisfied with Public Pallet Storage for the last 10 years. Our account is always handled in the most efficient, professional manner. We can truly say that we are treated with white glove attention. Our merchandise is handled meticulously with precise paperwork and documentation. Any concerns are handled immediately and we must admit that generally our business relationship works remarkably well. Both our warehouse and office manager state they always get personalized attention and can rely on the Public Pallet team to be efficient and prompt. Our contact person at PPS, Mr. Ganesh Virauthu is a pleasure to work with, always cordial, professional, and extremely responsible. We feel we are always in good hands with PPS. Our bookkeeper adds that invoices are always generated on time, very detailed and easily reconciled with our delivery and shipping information. We feel that our fee schedule is fair and competitive in today's market.
With no hesitation do we freely 
recommend PPS!"
- Nate, Shop Harmony, 10/2022

"After 47 years we have changed our method of operation from a stocking importer and distributor to drop shipments only. Public Pallet has been the most reliable and efficient of any supplier or service that we have ever dealt with (thanks to Ganesh!) I want to compliment Public Pallet on it's efficiency, accuracy and attention to detail. After selling our warehouse we used two other public warehouses before we found Public Pallet, if we had found them sooner we would have had less financial loss of lost inventory. Thank you VERY MUCH for all of that!"
- Tim Sennett VP/GM, The Bakerstowne Co., Inc 9/2022


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